About Us

Interfaith Center of USA refers to positive, constructive, and cooperative interaction among people of different faith and religions. It also refers to humanistic or spiritual beliefs at both individual and institutional levels. It is distinct from syncretism, alternative theology, or religion to accept others rather than synthesize new ones.


Interfaith Center of USA, our organization, is national non-profit cooperation in the USA. It works towards people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions that bridge other religions and find common values to build a shared life.

What Is

Today’s America is one of the most religiously diverse societies in history. This diversity isn’t a good or bad thing on its own, just a fact. Unfortunately, frequently that fact is at the root of tension, conflict, and, tragically, violence. However, Interfaith Center of USA chooses to engage that diversity towards positive ends actively. That is pluralism – a social achievement and one of this country’s founding ideals.



Interfaith Center of USA believes that a religiously pluralistic society features three key things:


⦁ Respect for Identities – Where people have the right to form their own religious or non-religious worldviews, express them freely, and expect some reasonable accommodations to live out their convictions. To respect someone else’s worldview doesn’t require you to agree with it or to accept it.


⦁ Mutually Inspiring Relationships – There are conversations, activities, civic associations, and friendly contact between people who orient religion differently. Both commonality and difference are recognized, but there is always some essential concern for the other’s well-being.


⦁ Commitment to the Common Good – where different people share common values, despite theological disagreements, supports the things people generally agree that we have a collective interest in upholding. Think safe communities, good schools, defeating poverty, access to healthcare, and addressing climate change.

Significantly, the Interfaith Center of USA doesn’t depend on shared religious, philosophical, or political views. People involved in this cooperation can and do disagree on these matters. Instead, the Interfaith Center of USA builds bridges across differences, makes relationships among people, learns about each other, and participates in standard action despite significant differences.


Interfaith Center of USA transforms this religiously diverse society into the kindest, wide-hearted, and pluralistic nation. Individuals formed the Center from various backgrounds, including clergy and laypersons with experience in interfaith relations. After several dialogues in different mosques, temples, and churches, an Ad Hoc committee was formed and was responsible for developing the entire committee within the earliest date.


So they envisioned a Center that could facilitate reconciliation, mutual trust, and standard action across religious communities and where cross-cultural and multi-faith education, dialogue, and collaborative endeavors could flourish.


The present Executive committee is striving for excellence in religious harmony with people. In the last ten years, we served in hundreds of congregations and institutes, educational organizations, civic and social organizations, and more than a thousand individuals. We at the Center teach more than mere tolerance.


We believe that embracing diversity in our neighborhoods, institutions, and workplaces is the key to building a cohesive, compassionate, and thriving society and contributing to the kind of region and world in which we want to live.

Our Mission

The mission of the Interfaith Center of USA is to promote Interfaith Center of USA dialogue, mutual understanding, increase respect, and foster cooperation among the people of diverse faith by extending warm hospitality, youth leadership, and exchanging knowledge to build religious harmony.

Our Vission

Interfaith Center of USA  is committed to:

  • Build religious harmony among divergent people of the world.
  • Promote Interfaith Center of USA dialogue between diverse religious communities
  • Fostering peace, trust, respect within all spiritual openness and
  • Provide an opportunity for partnership. Celebration, conversation, and education.
  • Create social justice in society and build peace within the region.
  • Encourage the entire community to embrace Interfaith Center of USA values