Black Racism

In response to the brutality and unending terror regarding racism, people from different professional services raised awareness through a virtual meeting held on June 14, 2020. Rabiul Chowdhury and Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu hosted the show. The topic was based on Anti Black Racism: Perspective from Muslims and Civic leaders. In association with Engage, CAIR, Fm786, and Interfaith, ITV USA broadcasted the show. Congressman Dwight Evans, Eddie T. Graham, DR. Rashidah L. Abdul Khabeer, Madina Irfan, Lena Glickman, Mughees Abdul, DR. Arif Ilyas, and Enam Chowdhury were the respected guests. Throughout the conversation between these personalities, they highlighted all the challenges during their career development.
In the discussion on the terrorist acts worldwide, the murder of George Floyd has been highlighted in the entire meeting as a remarkable tragedy. The message from the Muslims was that Islam condemns black racism and believes that all human beings are equal. The discrimination that occurred in all sectors of work and life is pointed out to eradicate these unwanted differences that pull apart people from one another. Finally, with a humble urge to stop racist activities, they conducted a minute of silence, and a request to broaden worldwide all over the world was delivered.

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