Peace Lantern Festival

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Hundreds of blazing lanterns adorned the East River in NYC on International Peace Day 2019! The whole fascinating program was arranged at Gantry Plaza State Park. The Peace Lantern Festival preceded the other parts of the program. Interfaith Center of USA was a proud partner of the arrangement along with more than twelve other organizations. In addition, HaborLab, Heiwa Peace Reconciliation Foundation, and Buddhist Council sponsored the program. Decorating lanterns, origami, henna tattoos, face painting, seed-ball making, African dance, public … Continue reading “Peace Lantern Festival”

New Year Celebration

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Probably you are thinking about the first day of the Gregorian calendar while reading the title. But is that the only new-year eve in the world? No! Because there is a bundle of other different calendars in the whole world, like Chinese, Hijri, Bengali, Seollal, Nyepi, Nowruz, etc.People from respective cultures and religions value their calendars, and the Interfaith Center of USA values every religion and faith. So they are not in argument with any calendar or New Year celebration. … Continue reading “New Year Celebration”