FOBANA Convention Interfaith Session

Fobana, the Bangladeshi association in North America, is one of the oldest North-American Bangladeshi organizations. It has held a convention each year since its birth in 1987. As Bangladesh is a multi-religious country, this convention combines different castes and creeds.
Hence, the Interfaith Center of USA works as a friendship band across the borders among the world religions. It didn’t stay quiet during the Fobana Convention.

In September 2019, the 33rd Fobana Convention took place in the Fobana official hotel in New York City. Being a partner of that convention, the Interfaith Center of USA organized a ‘Fobana Convention Interfaith Session’ during the ceremony. The session provided for inter-religious prayer and workshop which includes-
⦁ Peace dialogue.
⦁ Panel discussion.
⦁ Meditation.
⦁ Award ceremony.
⦁ Harmony celebration etc.
A mentionable number of panelists were physically present at that ceremony. Imam Abu Jafar, Mohammad Fayek Uddin, Guru Dileepji Maharaj, Pastor Joseph, Pradip Bhattacharjay, Dr. Nakagaki, Susana Basterrica, Raj Bhushan Brotheroneness, Dr. Alapo, and Anand Patole were the guest.
Muhammad Shahidullah presided the program. Bidita Rahman Bhuiya was the keynote speaker, and Sukhen Gomes was the moderator.
As a continuation of that event, Interfaith Center of USA arranged another program at the 34th Fobana convention in 2020. It was a pandemic year. They virtualized the whole program while it was to be held in Dallas substantially.

This session was telecasted live by Fobana tv, times24 tv, nrbconnect tv, fm786, etc. This prayer session preceded a colorful cultural program. Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, the Interfaith Center of USA President, presided over the ‘Fobana convention Interfaith session 2020’. The leaders who presented prayers from different creeds are-
⦁ Dr. Remi Alapo, Director, the Institute of Peace and Leadership.
⦁ Rev. Dr. Toshikazu Kenjitsu Nakagaki, Executive Director at Heiwa Peace & Reconciliation Foundation of New York.
⦁ Rev. Dr. Avaduta H. H. Jagat Guru Dileepji Maharaj, President of World Yoga Community and
⦁ Rev. Mark Meyer Appel, founder of the Bridge MCP.s
Mr. Sukhen Joseph Gomes, executive secretary, Interfaith center of USA, delivered the welcome speech of the session. In this Fobana convention Interfaith session, everybody prayed for humanity according to their respective religion.

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