Martin Luthar King- Historic Push For Equality 

January 20, 2020, Interfaith center of USA celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day with the “Martin Luthar king- Historic Push For Equality” banner. 

Many people of Englewood joined for their non-violent leader. From five local synagogues, rabbis and congregants also came with American and Israeli flags early in the morning. It indicated a good relationship between Englewood neighbors. 

Rev. Preston Thompson of Ebenezer Baptist Church and many people pray for Luthar King and support to fight for equality and freedom. Senior pastor Thompson marched from Englewood to the Ebenezer Baptist Church with hundreds of people. Mayor of Englewood, Michael Wildes, presented his valuable short speech there. Thompson also invited some boy and girl scouts. 

Rabbi Lindsey Healey-Pollack, Interfaith Center of USA schooler – Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, and Rev. Dr. William H. Allport of St. Paul’s Church are also present on that program. Sarayah Maxwell plays the lead role. After that, Wilds came and gave his valuable speech. He was pleased with the King’sKing’s leadership. His speech summarizes that every leader needs attributes like Luther king, and the public should demand honesty from their leaders. 

Jeannette Curtis-Rideau read poetry on that program. Bishop Dwayne D. Royster was the guest speaker from that program. He delivered a fairy speech, and people cheered and said, “Amen.” Bishop talked about America’s failed democracy where color and women are not equal. Rich white men made significant decisions, and he talked about changing this. Bishop emphasized the same equality for all people, no matter what their religions and languages. He also said that every person needs to rise to architect an upcoming new world. Otherwise, everybody will undertake. 

The program ended at 1 pm Michael Cohen, Katharine Glynn, Gordon Johnson, Gregory Halstead, Charles Cobb, and many Interfaith members were present. 

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