Pearl Harbour Memorial: Prayer For Peace


The Pearl Harbour Memorial is where 1,102 sailors and marines are resting in peace who sacrificed their lives during World War 2 and the attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941. The memorial was built in 1962.
Like always, the Interfaith Centre of USA organized an event on December 7, 2020, along with the Hawaii Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York to pay tribute to the respected martyrs and John Lennon, a former Beatles member. The event also focused on remembering past wars and cherishing the present peaceful life to live together with harmony and mutual respect.
Tk. Nakagaki, Rev., hosted the event through a zoom meeting among many reverends as the show’s speakers. There were two parts to the show. The first phase consisted of the Interfaith Peace prayers from different religions in Hawaii, Japan, and New York. The second phase consisted of music, dance, reading, peace messages, art, and cultural events delivered and performed by the Tiara Group and the Heiwa Peace Band.
There was also a Lotus origami and Peace Lights to symbolize peace, unity, and harmony. The program is available on the Heiwa PRF, Tiara Group, Buddhist Council of New York, Sanghakaya Foundation, Interfaith Centre of USA FB, and

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