Performance During COVID

In our span, COVID-19 has pushed the whole of humankind into the same brutal trap. However, our fight is against the same invisible enemy, not with each other. Keeping this belief in the forefront, the Interfaith Center of USA has taken several steps to defend against the Noble Coronavirus.
Last year, Interfaith Center of USA distributed grocery items in the New York area. In addition, they observed International peace day last September. The theme was ‘Shaping Peace Together.’ They mentioned the injustice in Kashmir, Yemen, Palestine, Seria, Central Africa, and Rohingya people.
Interfaith Center of USA requested the faith leaders to call people for volunteering, donating, and suggesting names to send help during the pandemic. In addition, Interfaith Center of USA is launching the podcast ‘Interfaith Center of USA Matters’ and web series ‘Stay home Stay Focused.’ The first podcast, ‘Be strong and courageous, was about the challenges in pastoral care with social distancing. The speakers’ were Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein, Father Mark Lane, and Rev. Kyndra Frazier. In the web series, Rabbi Jack Moline and author Katherine Stewart discussed religious nationalism, its operation, and its impact on COVID-19.
Interfaith Center of USA launched a campaign in social media named ‘Peace starts with me’ focusing on the COVID-19.
ITV USA and Channel 786 telecasted several programs focusing on the pandemic. Professor Dr. Md. Iqbal Hossain mentioned the Islamic prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraging the lenders to be kind to the borrowers. Imam Shamsi Ali reminded us how the pandemic shows us our limitations. He reminded the Islamic advice to love and help each other overcoming pride and division. According to the religious view, Sheikh Imam Abu Rashid advised to be hopeful and pray more during the crisis.
Interfaith Center of USA arranged a virtual meeting on the ‘women’s leadership in a COVID-19 world’ on international women’s day this year.
So, the Interfaith Center of USA is trying to spiritually and physically interact with humanity from every side and corner. This organization is working to bring the world together to ward off COVID-19.

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