Religious Events

People who have faith are people from the same circle. Because they all believe in God, in fate, in deeds, and hereafter, they can never be careless sinners. Instead, they try to establish peace. The Interfaith Center of USA arranged several religious events According to this virtue.
They covered a religious event named ‘Gospel preaching in the park,’ arranged by Gospel Light BC. This event involved speakers from the new generation and listened to their stories to come to the light of faith.
Interfaith Center of USA arranged a memorial gathering on the Pearl Harbor issue. A cultural program followed by Prayer from different religious traditions was held. Heiwa PRF, Interfaith Center of USA Center of USA Facebook,, etc., telecasted the event.
In the 26th Interfaith Center of USA Peace Gathering last year, they gathered the religious leaders in New York City in the same meeting. The commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing was a prominent part of the event.
On the birthday of Martin Luther King, Interfaith Center of USA arranged a gathering of community people in 2017. They raised their voice against violence, racism, hatred, and religious contradiction.
In a word, the Interfaith Center of the USA is preaching to the whole world through several religious events. They are calling people towards devotion to God and humbleness.

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