Veterans Day

Interfaith Center of USA, in association with the Queens borough, organized a virtual celebration on the eve of the great Veterans Day on November 11th, 2020, in honor of the nation’s heroes. DA Katz and the President of Queens Borough, Sharon Lee, hosted the meeting.
The meeting hoped to be conducted offline with utmost preparations, but instead, it was completed with optimum maintenance of social distance due to Covid-19. The event was inaugurated by delivering a pledge of allegiance, a beautiful delivery of the national anthem by the Connoli Sisters, and by the opening speech of the President of Interfaith Centre USA, Imam Muhammad Shahidullah.
In the meeting, according to Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, veterans are the 1% of true patriots who are ready to sacrifice their lives, family, spouses, and children for the sake of the immense love they have for their homeland. Throughout the entire discussion, they repeatedly showed respect and gratitude towards the veterans for their selfless services.
Furthermore, to pay respect and assure life security to the 9,000,00 veterans in the States and 55,000 veterans in the Boroughs their families funds on emergencies, education, pensions, mental health services for the men, women, and minor veterans ensured. The meeting ended by delivering Benediction of the evening. And a vote of thanks on behalf of the President of Interfaith Center of USA.

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