World Yoga Festival

On June 5th, 2021, the 7th World Yoga Festival starts in New York by Interfaith Center of USA. The main organizer was guru Dileepji, the keynote speaker was Swami Muktananda Yati, and the guest speaker was Shri Lemuel Patole. All the speakers delivered a short speech about the benefits of yoga and its religious values. In this event, the guest speaker was Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, President of Interfaith Center of USA.
Yoga is one kind of physical activity-oriented from ancient India. The meaning of yoga is a union between mind, body, and spiritual awareness. It originated in north India 5000 years ago. The old Indian people were doing yoga to control their anger, breathing, and stress.
The orthodox Sanskrit gurus, The Buddhist, Sheik, Jainism, and other Religious persons also do yoga to get a soulful mind and a healthy life. So it also has a religious perspective.
Yoga has six different branches that are performed for various purposes;
Hatha yoga is especially for physical and mental improvement. Hatha yoga helps to get a healthy and happy life.
Raja yoga is a disciplinary step of yoga, mainly related to mediation. The Sanskrit gurus perform this yoga from their religious perspective.
Karma yoga is especially for relieving future anxiety and stress. In addition, it helps to free us from selfishness and negativity.
Bhakti yoga increases your devotion. The other purpose of this yoga is to increase your emotions positively and gradually raise your tolerance and acceptance.
Jnana yoga is one of the most beneficial branches of yoga. It is about telnet wisdom and intellectual development. Tantra yoga:
Tantra yoga is one kind of ritual yoga related to the ritual, ceremony, and relationship.
Finally, we can say that yoga is one of the most powerful exercises to get a healthy and happy life. Therefore, everyone should do yoga daily so that they can shine in the future.

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